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  • Racheal Boniface reviewd gas in flash 5 *

    Today we swapped from a big Gas company to these guys...and we should have done it years ago! Great friendly service and incredibly competitive prices!

  • Sallee Jane reviewd gas in flash 5 *

    I cannot thank Luke enough! He dropped a gas bottle off this morning (not normally to my area today) and I am so thankful, after ringing everyone this morning to try and get one. And then Gas Ina Flash came through in only a few hours, and was cheaper than other providers too. Awesome service! Thanks a bunch!

  • Eliza Kate reviewd gas in flash 5 *

    Ran out of gas at home for the first time in 2 years this week. Ordered a new Bottle through Origin who we have been paying annual rental to- assumed 24hrs however it was going to be 7 days lead time for a new bottle be delivered!! That is Not service..I called gas in a flash after seeing their ad - what a delight! fantastic and prompt service...not to mention 1/2 the price!! highly Recommend - Even better, they're Local!